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Kugamon Subscription Management

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2019 11:34PM PDT

Change Log

This document covers the Kugamon Subscription Management Add-on.

Updates require an active maintenance contract or approved engagement. Client permission is required.

  • Fix Issue of Incorrect Renewal Opportunity Name if Created from Expansion Orders without a Renewal Opportunity
  • Fix Issue of Unlocked Service Term and Service End Date Fields in Manage Lines for Expansion Opportunities and Quotes

  • Fix Issue of Unrelease of Renewal Orders not Deleting Renewal Opportunity and Reverting Contract 'Current Renewal Opportunity'

  • Update Opportunity 'Opportunity Amount' Field Formula to Support Negative Values
  • Fix Issue of Renewal Opportunity not using Renewal Product Sales Price
  • Add Opportunity Sales Process per Record Type
  • Update Subscription 'Annual Recurring Revenue' and 'Monthly Recurring Revenue' Workflows to Support Services with Week, Quarter, and Year Unit of Terms
  • Fix Issue with Manage Lines Contract Subscription Functionality to Support Different Locales
  • Add Renewal Opportunity Creation Logic for Expansion Orders with No Renewal Opportunities
  • Update Managed Lines to Unlock Service Term and Service End Date for Expansion Orders with No Renewal Opportunities
  • Fix Issue of Renewal Opportunities not Commingling the Renewing Products
  • Fix Issue of Renewal Opportunity Product not Decrementing for Unreleased, Cancelled, and Deleted Expansion Orders
  • Fix Issue of Orders Unable to be Approved when Kugamon Settings "Initiate Order Subscription Management" is set to Released. 
Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Update 'Update Subscription ARR' Field Update Formula
  2. Update 'Update Subscription MRR' Field Update Formula
  3. Configure new Opportunity Sales Process by Record Type

  • Fix Indent Issue in Manage Lines of Kit/Bundle Members in Select Service Section
  • Fix Issue in Manage Lines of Service Term to Support Different Locales
  • Display Sales Instructions in Search Section in Manage Lines
  • Fix Issue in Manage Lines of Hidden Products Displayed in Type Ahead Search
  • Fix Issue in Manage Lines of Kit/Bundles Treating Hidden Products as Inactive

  • Support New Product Configuration Fields in Kugamon v5.8 Release
  • Add Lightning Page Header to Manage Lines
  • Fix Issue in Manage Lines with Handling Large Number of Favorites
  • Fix Issue in Manage Lines with Tiered Pricing Hover to Support Different Locales
  • Add Mouse Pointer Spinner when Changing Service Term in Manage Lines
  • Fix Issue in Manage Lines of Changing Sales Price of Products and Services with Tiered Pricing
  • Add New Subscription Reports to Kugamon Reports Folder

  • Update Manage Lines Validation for Service Line Start Date with Same Service Term to Support only Renewable Services
  • Update Opportunity, Quote, and Order Record Type Description
  • Fix Opportunity Product Schedule Creation Issue

  • Fix Issue with Contract Renewal Notice Days Before Sent Kugamon Setting

  • Add Support to Renew Service as a Product and Renew Product as a Service
  • Update Manage Lines Tab Focus Navigation

v4.0 (Major Release)
  • Add Support for New Core Asset Functionality
  • Deprecate Order Product Line 'Track' and Update Order 'Generate Asset' to reference Order Product Line 'Create Asset'
  • Fix Broken Expansion Opportunity & Expansion Order Buttons
  • Fix Invalid Opportunity Line ID Handling during Quote and Order Clone
  • Update [Cancel Contract] Button to Support Lightning
  • Fill Contract 'Shipping Address' on New & Renewal Order Processing. Source is related Order 'Ship To Address'
  • Fill Contract 'Billing Address' on New & Renewal Order Processing. Source is related Order 'Bill To Address'
  • Update Contract 'Contract Renewal Notice Date' formula to Replace '-90' Hardcoded value with Admin Friendly version via Kugamon Settings
  • Remove Automated Launch of Manage Lines on Expansion Opportunity and Expansion Order Creation
  • Update Manage Lines to Fix Issue with Add All Function from Quantity Column in All SubTab
  • Update Manage Lines Default Focus to All Sub-Tab even when Purchased Assets or Purchased Subscriptions are Present
  • Update Manage Lines Purchase Asset Last Order Filter
  • Improve Manage Lines to Initiate Save & Close on Enter in Selected Products and Services Section
  • Update Manage Lines to Display Search Icon in Search Button
  • Update Manage Lines to Display AJAX Spinner with Lightning Style
  • Update Manage Lines Purchased Asset Tab to Support Core Asset Functionality
  • Update Manage Lines to Fix Support Long Product Names
  • Enhance Manage Lines to Update List Price in Search Section to Display Currency Symbol of Top Currencies
  • Update Manage Lines to Fix Sales Price Entry to Support Top Currencies  
  • Enhance Manage Lines to Update Search Section to Handle Product Name with Special Characters
  • Enhance Manage Lines to Set Focus to Searchbox after Adding Product or Service when Exact Match is Unchecked
  • Enhance Manage Lines to Set Focus to Searchbox after Search or Adding Product or Service when Exact Match is Checked

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Mass Update Additional Product Info records: Set Additional Product Info 'Create Assets'  to 'Per Line' Value when Product 'Track'  equals True when Additional Product Info 'Service equals False' (Products only), After Update,  set Product 'Track'  to False.
  2. Update Existing Assets by Migrating Data from Old Custom Fields (example: Purchase Date and Order Product Line Lookup) to Core Kugamon Fields

  • Update Opportunities Manage Lines to Respect Kit/Bundle Pricing
  • Add Admin Control with New Renewal Opportunity Stage Name Field
  • Add Friendly Message to Expansion Manage Lines with Selected Price Book Differs from Renewal Opportunity Price Book
  • Improve Renewal Opportunity Update from Expansion Orders when Order Price Book Differs from Renewal Opportunity Price Book
  • Deprecate Additional Account Info Disable Renewal Process Function
  • Update Manage Lines to Prevent Adding Kit/Bundles if Member Lines not in Current Price Book and Display Friendly Hover Message
  • Fix Manage Lines Error when Price Book Name is Spelled Incorrectly or Inactive
  • Update Quote and Order Manage Lines to Hide Trash Can on Kit/Bundles Members in Pre-Save
  • Update Logic to Set Renewal Order Generate Contract to True when Parent Contract is not Filled
  • Update Manage Lines Contract Subscriptions and Contract Assets to Support Inactive Products
  • Add Logic to Update Contract Price Book on Renewals
  • Update Manage Lines Quantity Total to Display 2 Decimal
  • Fix Quote Manage Lines to Delete Optional Lines when Changing Price Books
  • Update Quote and Order Manage Lines to Display Quantity Field with Grey Background for Kit/Bundle Members with Allow Quantity Change in Pre-Save
  • Update Quote and Order Manage Lines to Sort Kit/Bundle Members by Kit/Bundle Sequence in Pre-Save
  • Add Lightning Additional Product Info Page Redirection to Manage Lines
  • Update Mange Lines to Display Price Book Name on Launch when Price Book is Inactive

  • Revert Manage Lines Kit/Bundle Handling in Opportunities - Remove Kit/Bundle Expansion

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Update Contract.Effective Field Update Formula to:
    AND( TEXT(Status) = 'Activated' , 
    TEXT(RenewalOpportunity__r.StageName) != 'Closed Lost', 
    OR (AND(ISBLANK( StartDate ), ISBLANK(EndDate)), 
    AND(StartDate <= Today(), EndDate >= Today()) ))

  • Update Renewal Order Batch Logic to Process All Eligible Renewal Opportunities
  • Fix Expansion Manage Lines Co-Term End Date for Kit/Bundle Subscription Member
  • Fix Kit/Bundle Members Display in SubTabs Hovers
  • Expand Kit/Bundle Members on Add Action from Favorites and Recommended SubTabs
  • Fix Adding Independent Lines Auto-Appends Kit/Bundle Member Lines (of same Product), and not Independent Line
  • Add Required Column to Kit/Bundle Hover
  • Fix Recommended SubTab Heart Favorite Display Correctly when Referring Product is Added
  • Fix Changing the Kit/Bundle Header Date (in Pre-Save Situation Only) Should Update Member Date when Header Date is Changed
  • Update Service Line Sort Order when Adding a Kit/Bundle with Products and Services Members (in Pre-Save Situation Only). Currently Display non-Member Lines above Kit Member Lines. Should Display Kit/Member Lines Above Non-Member Lines
  • Update Display of Recommended Subtab if Only Recommend Products Listed on Active Products 

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Update Recommended Product.Active Field Update Formula to:
 ​   AND(Product__r.IsActive, ReferenceProduct__r.IsActive)

  • Fix Manage Lines Initial Sort of Contract Subscriptions and Contract Assets for Opportunity, Quote, and Order Expansion Manage Lines
  • Add Auto Email Renewal Order Control to Contracts
  • Update Renewal Opportunity Handling of Opportunity Product Lines with Same Product and Price but Different Line Description
  • Add Quick Save to Opportunity, Quote, and Order Manage Lines
  • Fix Expansion Opportunity Close Date to Be Today

  • Fix Subscription Currency to Match Order Currency
  • Change Subscription Total Contract Value function
  • Rename Contract Total Contract Value Field

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Subscription.Total Contract Value Field -> Change Name to Net Amount (NetAmount__c)
  2. Contract.Total Contract Value Field -> Change Name to Total Subscription Amount (TotalSubscriptionAmount__c)
  3. Update Subscription.Total Contract Value Workflow Field Update -> Change Name to Update Subscription Net Amount (UpdateSubscriptionNetAmount) and Change Formula: ​
​    OrderServiceLine__r.kugo2p__NetAmount__c

  • Add Ajax Spinner to Favorites Function
  • Update Renewal Order Creation Logic to Support Inactive Renewal Opportunity Owner
  • Update New Sales Logic for Quotes and Orders with no Record Type
  • Add new Renewal Uplift function
  • Update Manage Lines to Support Kugamon v5.3 Editable Kit/Bundle Enhancement
  • Update Manage Lines to Support Kugamon v5.3 Hide Products Enhancement
  • Update Manage Lines Button to Support Lightning

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Update Page Layouts for new Renewal Uplift function (Kugamon Setting, Product, Opportunity, Opportunity Product, and Additional Account Info)
  • ​​​KugamonSetting.Renewal Price Uplift Percent, percent (3,2)
  • Additional Account Info.Renewal Price Uplift Percent, percent (3,2)
  • Opportunity.Renewal Price Uplift Percent, percent (3,2)
  • Product2.Uplift Renewal Price, checkbox (false)
  • OpportunityLine.Uplift Renewal Price, currency (16,2)
  • OpportunityLine.Non-Uplift Sales Price, currency (16,2)

  • Fix Contract Name Field Update Workflow to Support Long Account Name

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Update Contract Name Field Update Formula to:
 ​  LEFT(Account.Name, 71) + '-' + ContractNumber

v3.0 (Major Release)
  • Fix Missing Assets on Draft -> Release Orders with Disable Shipment Products
  • Add Manage Lines Service Line Date Validations
  • Add 'kuga_sub_' prefix to all development components
  • Fix Field Alignment (Exact Match, Start Date, Order Discount %) when an item is marked as Favorite for the first time.

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Setup New Favorites Object and Fields
  • ​UserProducts.isFavorite, checkbox (false)
  • UserProducts.Product, lookup (Product2)
  • UserProducts.User, lookup (User)
  1. Update all Assigned Profiles to new Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages
  2. Change Logic to the Four Contract Expansion Buttons
  • ​Add 'kuga_sub_' prefix from /apex/kontroller to /apex/kuga_sub_kontroller
  1. Delete Active Scheduled Jobs (Contract Renewal, Subscription, Renewal Order)
  2. Delete Former Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Components
  3. Schedule Jobs (Contract Renewal, Subscription, Renewal Order), Label with ‘Kugamon’

  • Defer Disable Shipment to Out of the Box Functionality
  • Add Favorite Function to Manage Lines
  • Remove 'quantity' hover in Manage Lines
  • Add Message to Manage Lines, where if there are no recommended Products to display "No Recommended Products Found."
  • Set Subscription.isActive = True on same condition of Subscription.Active = True when Contract is Activated (Currently isActive = False)
  • Update Subscription.Active field to Incorporate Contract Status
  • Add Price Book Sharing Rule to Opportunity Manage Lines Choose Price Book VF Page.
  • Fix Duplicate Renewal Opportunity Creation Issue

  • Rename Util Apex Class to kuga_Util (09/02/2016)

Deployed Org Tasks:
  1. Contract.Monthly Recurring Revenue Field -> Set FIlter to IsActive = True
  2. Contract.Annual Recurring Revenue Field -> Set Filter isActive = True
  3. Account.Monthly Recurring Revenue Field -> Set FIlter to IsActive = True
  4. Account.Annual Recurring Revenue Field -> Set Filter isActive = True
  5. Account.Subscription Field -> Set Filter isActive = True, Change Label to ‘Active Subscription Count’ and Name to ‘ActiveSubscriptionCount’
  6. Update Subscription ARR Workflow Field Update -> Change Formula to:
    If(OrderServiceLine__r.kugo2p__ServiceTerm__c > 12, 
    (round(OrderServiceLine__r.kugo2p__NetAmount__c / OrderServiceLine__r.kugo2p__ServiceTerm__c,2) * 12), 

  • Support Orgs with Kugamon v5.1 and higher

v2.0 (Major Release)
  • Auto-Calculate Renewal Term for Quarter/Year Renewable Services
  • Fix Manage Lines Expansion Quotes/Orders ONLY: Service Term Auto-Calculate Correctly for Quarter and Year Services. Currently filled Month Term (ex: 12) when the Service is a Quarter or Year
  • Add "New Expansion Opportunity" & "New Expansion Order" button on Account Page Layout -> Contract Related list (have only select 1 contract check)
  • Add Trigger Validation "Expansion/Renewal Opportunity Currency must match the associated Contract Currency." Display "Expansion" or "Renewal" based on Record Type. No validation for NEW Opportunity Record Type
  • Fix Expansion Manage Lines - Add Contract Start Date Check to Top Start Date Field "Start Date Must Be On/After Contract Start...."
  • Use Kugamon Settings.Renewal Term value to set Renewal Opportunity Term
  • Fix Manage Lines in MC orgs (Renewal) - Wrong Currency shown on Hover of Tiered Pricing and Sales Price Update on Qty Change does not Occur
  • Fill kug02p.OrderServiceLine.Contract field
  • Add [Cancel Contract] Button, Set Contract.Status = Cancelled AND Current Renewal Opportunity = Closed/Lost
  • Fix Calculation in Expansion Manage Lines - Calculated Term is Minus 1 Month from True Term
  • Disable Shipments logic is inhibiting Asset Creation
  • Disable Shipments Not Deleting Shipment Line from Order Status Approved to Released. Works from Order Draft to Released.
  • Fix Manage Lines Header Start Date - Not Filling on New Line Add

  • Allow Different Order Currency to Create Renewal Opportunity from User Locale Currency
  • Remove Deprecated Fields from Custom Code
  • Move Renewal Order Determination Logic to Contract Activation
  • Fill Asset.PurchasePrice and Subscription.PurchasePrice with OrderLine.DiscountedSalesPrice (do not change OpportunityProducts.SalesPriceHandling)
  • Combine qty of non-renew with renewal lines on Renewal Opportunity. New Orders with 2 equal lines (1st is 12 months Non-renewal, 2nd is renewal with start after 1st Line)

  • Allow Contract Roll-Up Summary Fields of Active Subscriptions
  • Update Subscription.Active Formula to include Last Day
  • Fix Manage Lines - Unable to support greater than 200 Price Books with Sharing Rules
  • Allow Multiple Active Contracts

  • Fix Manage Lines - On Sub Org Manage Lines (Opps, Quotes, Orders), Line Discount Updates Line Amount but Not Total Amount for All Selected Products
  • Update Find Products/Services [COUNT] in Manage Lines to display Total Product Count (currently displaying filtered count)
  • Set Order.Status to “Draft” (currently set to sent regardless of Opportunity Auto Email Renewal flag) on Renewal Order auto-generation process from Opportunity.
  • Leverage the Contract.Contract Term Update (existing Field value + Renewal Order Term) to fill in the Contract.Renewal Term with (Renewal Order Term only)
  • Change expansion and renewal Opportunity name handling from quarterly reference to month & year ie. "JAN2016, FEB2016 etc..."
  • Set Quote.RecordType to Initial When Generating an Quote from an Opportunity where Opportunity.RecordType=Initial (Currently, Quote.RecordType=BLANK)
  • Change "Initial' Record Type to "New" & Update Record Type Description
  • Set Order RecordType to Initial When Generating an Order from an Opportunity where Opportunity RecordType=Initial (Currently, Order.RecordType=BLANK)
  • Fill Renewable Opportunity Product Line Term with Contract.RenewalTerm if APD = Months

  • Display Edit Lines VF for Managed Lines When Order.Status = Release & Cancelled, Display Cancel Button Only
  • Fix Asset.InstallDate logic - Stop Filling in Asset.InstallDate
  • Add a new contact lookup field "Contact Buying" on Contract object, initialize the field with Initial Order.Contact Buying.

  • Fix Expansion Manage Lines - Not initialized Month Calculation
  • Fix Logic - Unreleased Order = Delete Assets & Subscriptions ONLY when Setting.InitiateContractSubscriptionMgmt = Release
  • Update Existing Order Service Line Renew Trigger to Accommodate Track (Quote -> Order & Opportunity -> Order)
  • Add Line Description Column For Contract Subscription/Assets in Expansion Opp/Quote/Order
  • FIX - Batch Auto-Create Renewal Order from Renewal Opportunity
  • Update Manage Lines - Set Line Track to True, if Product Track = True, on the Event when a Line is set to Renew for existing Orders Lines that had Renew & Track = False
  • Update Manage Lines - Not combining Qty on Expansion when adding the same line repeatedly
  • Remove Duplicate Fields - Opportunity.RenewalOrderAutoCreationDate & RenewalOrderAutoGenerationDate. Please Update code to remove AutoCreationDate
  • Update Orders Manage Lines - Recommended Product is showing duplicate entries in Hover box
  • Update Manage Lines - Filter out Recommend Products in Search Section based on Price book currency
  • Update Manage Lines - If you Change the Date of the line you lose the ability to do Drag & Drop Sort Functionality
  • Update Opportunity.Renewal Order Auto-Generate Date to respect the field value in Kugamon Settings.Renewal Order Days Before Create
  • Fix Opportunity/Quote/Order Qty Allows only 0 Decimals, It should respect underlying field Decimal support

  • Update Expansion Manage Lines - Use Tiered Pricing does not stay unchecked after Save/Close.
  • Update - Opportunity/Quote/Order Manage Lines - Changing the Quantity for a Service/Product Line with Tiered Pricing does not change the Total Amount.Summary Amount (does change Line Total Amount)
  • Set Renewal Order Email Template Name field to use value in Kugamon Settings
  • Remove initial page field select on Manage Lines
  • Update Opportunity Manage Lines - Tiered Pricing Hover is showing incorrect discount for 0 quantity
  • Update Manage Lines - Fix JS calc on Tiered Pricing Products
  • Update Manage Lines - Remove Extra <BR> in the Exact Search
  • Update Manage Lines - Update Exact Search gray text change to be like out of the box
  • Update Opportunity Manage Lines - Changing sales price on Products does not update total amount but instead updates line discount.
  • Update Opportunity Manage Lines - Changing sales price on Manage Lines Services does nothing
  • Hide renewal checkbox if item is not renewable (similar to tiered pricing indicator in Manage Lines)
  • Set Asset Currency
  • Fix Renewal Opportunity Logic - Line Items need to Respect Currency
  • Set Contract Currency once at Creation
  • Fix Unable to Approve/Release Initial Order due to Currency Issue of Renewal Opportunity
  • Create a new batch class to process renewal Opportunities

  • Revise logic that deleting a Canceled Expansion Order that Contains a Service Line on the Original Order the Renewal Opportunity will not deletes the Original Line
  • Show only Contract Subscriptions with an End Date >= Today's Date in Manage Lines for Expansion Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders
  • Revise logic so Date Service Start is Today's Date when adding Contract Subscriptions on Expansion Opp/Quote/Order
  • Fill Sales Price Column with Purchase Price when adding Contract Subscription/Asset in Manage Lines on Expansion Opp/Quote/Order
  • Revise logic so Product Only Order does Not Make Contract Start Date = Order Product Line.Date Required (w/ Order.Generate Contract = True)
  • Delete or Unrelease Expansion Order will Delete Associated Assets, Subscription, Decrements Renewal Opportunity
  • Add New Column "Purchase Price" in Expansion Manage Lines in front of (to the left of) List Price
  • Disable and uncheck Renew for Kit/Bundle Members when adding Renewable Kit/Bundle to Manage Lines for first time (like FL07 fix)
  • Revise logic so Date on lines for renewal opp. is not using contract end date + 1 for renewal opp (like FL07 fix)
  • Add Friendly Message to Order Release When Order Includes Renewable Products without Renewable Services
  • Revise logic so when an Order with Product Only is released, Assets and Contracts are created (Product.AssetCreate = True)
  • Revise logic so Contract.Expanded Checkbox is filled when Expansion Orders with Products Only are processed
  • Create New Field on Subscription Object named "Purchased Price"
  • Delete associated Contract and Renewal Opportunity when user deletes a Renewal Order
  • Set Order.GenerateSub as Defined
  • Set Order.GenerateAsset as Defined
  • Fill Order.Contract for Renewal Orders as defined
  • Set Order.GenerateContract checkbox as defined
  • Revise logic so if Kugamon Setting.Extend Contract = True, Order.Renewal Opportunity Name should be Null
  • Revise Contract.Renewal Term (months) to only update the current Renewal Opportunity.
  • Mimic Opp/Quote/Order Initial Record of Non-Month Products in Service Line for Expansion Record Type.
  • Allow Service End Date & Term Edits, Populate Term with APD default, Allow recalculate of End Date on Term Change - EXACTLY like Initial Manage Lines behavior
  • Delete the associated Recommended Product when user deletes a Product from Products object
  • Update Manage Lines for Expansion - Unlock Service End Date in Selected Services Section if Unit of Term in < Month (such as sec, min, hours, days, weeks)
  • Fill Order.Parent Contract when Order Record Type = Renewal (works for Opportunity.ParentContract when Opp = Renewal)
  • Fill Renewal Opportunity Lookup of the Newly Generated Contract from RenewalOrderRelease if KugaSetting.ExtendContract=False, or Replace if True

  • Respect KugamonSettings.RenewalExtendContract = True
  • Set Order.GenerateContract = True when KugaSettings.InitiateOrderSubscription =/ Null
  • Update Manage Lines - If you sort the Kit/Bundle column the hover does not work
  • Revise Expansion Order logic where Renewal Opportunity Name is not filled
  • Revise logic where Online Order Approval not generating Renewal Opportunity. Contract is Created.
  • Combine Line Qty if Same Product and Same Price on Initial Order Release
  • Add JScript Button Check on Expansion Opp & Order btn on Cancelled Contract
  • Allow Generate Assets on Order Approval (currently only on Release), 2) Add Function to Associate to Shipment Recorded on Order Release if Asset already Exists via #1
  • Manage Lines - Promoting Bundle in Selected Optionals "SObject row was retrieved via SOQL" error
  • Make Recommended Hover like we did for Philosophy (Hover over the Product/Service Name)
  • Revise logic - Recommended Products does not support Kit/Bundles
  • Update Manage Lines - Tiered Pricing on Manage Lines issue
  • Fix logic where Adding a Product from Opportunity Recommended Products is not working. Works fine from Quote and Order Recommended Tab.
  • Update Manage Lines - Hide Renew Column in Selected Section (Products/Services) if there are no renewable Line Items (Same render behavior has tiered pricing column)
  • Remove line from Renewal Opportunity, if on Release of Expansion, where Line is Neg and thus SUM (where includes prior purchases of line) = 0

  • Add Day service to Expansion Orders with Order Manage Lines, the day term is off when changing start date
  • Add the Update Start Functionality on Opp, Quote, Order Manage Lines
  • Add Logic to Mark Member.Renew = True for if Product.Renew = True on Kit/Bundle Member Creation within Quote/Order Respect Kugamon Settings for creation of Contract, Asset, Subscription, Renewal Opportunity picklists
  • Replace "Generate Contract on Order" with "Initiate Order Subscription Management"
  • Remove Extra Padding Before Action Column on Recommended SubTab
  • Update Manage Lines - Make Quantity Column wider for Opp, Quote, Order (1st Update Manage Lines from Chatter)
  • Update Manage Lines - When adding an Optional Line it adds the Wrong Product to the Selected Products list (Adds the Product from the All Tab

v1.0 (Major Release)
  • Migrate Manage Lines Functionality
  • Build Contract, Asset, Subscription, and Renewal Opportunity Creation Logic
  • Enable Expansion Order Handling
  • Build Contract and Renewal Logic
  • Add Subscription Add-on Admin Controls to Kugamon Settings

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